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Fr. George and Presbytera Hadjis




1973-1974 Father George Hajis from Long Beach, CA held Liturgy every other Sunday for our community at Saint John’s Episcopal Church located on Wheeler Avenue in La Verne, CA.

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Arcimandrite Paul Koutoukas





1975 – 1977 Archimandrites, the Very Reverend Paul Koutoukas was the first priest to the new community then known as the Covina-Pomona Greek Orthodox Church. Father Paul said Saint Nectarios would do well in this new community. While he was priest, community held a lottery and bought votes for the available saint names for this parish. Saint Nectarios won by an overwhelming majority. From that point on, this new community would be known as Saint Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church. Property has already been purchased in Covina, California for the community to build their own church.


Father Spiro and Presbytera Pieratos



1977 – 1993 Father Spiro Pieratos and Presbytera Panagiota served the Saint Nectarios Parish for sixteen years, until his retirement in 1993.


In 1977, the Covina Parish was four years old. Services were conducted at St. John Episcopal Church. The newly purchased two houses in Covina were renovated for rental income. At that time the new name of Saint Nectarios had been chosen by an overwhelming majority vote of the parishioners.


On September 3, 1979, Fr. Spiro went to Aegina received a large relic of Saint Nectarios, a rib.


In 1980, services began in the newly constructed temporary church on the Covina Boulevard, Covina, which included Paraklesis (supplication services) on Wednesday evenings.


Brotherhood was soon established who seeks spiritual and physical healing needs to have their names offered in prayers.


Annual observance of the Saint Nectarios Feast Day (November 8th and 9th).


Donations and offerings eventually made it possible for the construction of the present church and shrine.



St. Nectarios church is a parish of Metropolis of San Francisco of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America



Sunday Morning Liturgy

9:00 AM Orthros

10:00 AM Liturgy



        Paraklesis (service)

        to Saint Nectarios  7:00 PM


Church is open:

       Monday thru Friday

       9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


       9:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Our services are in

       Greek & English


Office Hours:

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Father Theodore and Presbytera Pantels







1993 – 2004 Father Ted was assigned to Saint Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church and Shrine upon Father Spiro Pieratos’ retirement. Father Ted came to continue building of the new church and shrine in Covina, California. Father Ted led parish and complete the building project. Father Ted and Presbytera Panagiota faithfully served Saint Nectarios parish for eleven years and the church was consecrated on November 7, 2004 under leadership of newly assigned priest Father Peter Stratos with the help and collaboration of Father Ted Pantels.



Father Peter, Presbytera and their two sons



2004 - 2006 In August of 2004, Metropolitan Anthony assigned Father Peter Stratus as the pastor of Saint Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church and Shrine beginning September 1, 2004. His first resposibility was to plan and organize the upcoming Consecration of the Church on November 7, 2004.


After two years at the Shrine and Parish of Saint Nectarios, Metropolitan Gerasimos, assigned Fr. Peter Stratus to Saint Anthony in Pasadena. Fr. Peter was to pastor his new community with the assistance and companionship of his dear friend and brother in Christ, Fr. Efstathios Mylonas, who hoped to enjoy a blessed retirement with his family and community. However, Fr. Mylonas was called to meet his Lord shortly before Fr. Peter’s first Sunday. And with this unexpected beginning, Fr. Peter and his young family embark on a new and even more meaningful chapter in their service to Christ’s Holy Church.



Father Konstantinos Douvikas


2007 up to August 2021. After his faithful serving as a priest in his native land Greece from 1982 to 1999, Father Konstantinos Douvikas migrated here in the US to serve as a priest at the Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church in Upland, California from 1999 to 2007. In 2007, Metropolitan Bishop Greek Orthodox of San Francisco Gerasimos assigned Father Konstantinos Douvikas to serve as a Proistamenos of Saint Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church and Shrine until at the present time. He brought here the well-received and maintained Greek Byzantine tradition especially in the liturgy, chanting, festivity, etc.



Welcome Fr. Demosthenes Paraskevaides and Family! On September 1, 2021, the parish of Saint Nectarios Shrine, Covina Ca. warmly welcomed Fr. Demosthenes Paraskevaides, Presbytera Magdalene and their four children to the parish. Please join us for liturgy and fellowship to welcome and meet Father Demosthenes and his family. Father Demosthenes Paraskevaides served at Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church San Jose Ca. as Proistamenos since 2013. Before joining Saint Nicholas, he served the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Portland, OR as an assistant priest, and Prophet Elias, and Saint John Baptist Cathedral in Kavala, Greece. Fr Demosthenes holds a BS degree in Pastoral and Social Theology from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a Diploma in Byzantine Music from the Macedonian Conservatory of Thessaloniki. Fr Demosthenes was born and grew up in Greece. He was ordained to priesthood in Kavala, Greece in 2000.
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The Holy Relic of Saint Nectarios




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The Holy Shrine








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