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Acolytes are the altar server. With priest approval and blessing, and if they wish, boys may begin serving on the Holy Altar as young as age eight depending on maturity. The priest generally conducts an initial orientation session for new boys, and then the boys receive ongoing on the job training.

The fact that we as a congregation are standing in the presence of God within His Holy Sanctuary, we have to reflect our behavior and attitude as expected:


         As an Acolyte you are expected to be prayerful and reverent.

         Always pay attention to what is taking place around us.

         Respect the concerns and directions of the Parish Priest or Acolyte Leader

         Arrive on time at least 10 minutes before the service.

         Keep the Sanctuary clean and neat and in order at all times.

         Prepare to receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ by:

o   Participate in Holy Confession specially during the Advent Fast and Great Lenten Fast

o   Fast on appropriate days Wednesdays and Fridays and throughout t other fast periods

o   Limiting your thoughts, words, and actions to those things that glorify God.

         Show your reverence to the Lord by:

o   Crossing ourselves at the moment we enter the Sanctuary,

o   Crossing ourselves whenever we walk behind the altar or observe Father crossing himself

o   Crossing ourselves whenever the Holy Trinity is commemorated during divine services.



To join with our Acolytes Program you must download and fill up the Commitment Form and mark your entry for the Acolytes column











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