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Bible Study


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The Bible, the inspired word of God, is a living monument in that it goes above and beyond being just a historical document or just a classic piece of literature. It is the Revelation of God Himself and His Will. The Bible is a divine account of God's Design for the salvation of man; it is an account of the Incarnation of the Logos in the Person of Jesus Christ Who became flesh and dwelt among man. It was written to be read with reverence and faith. The Revelation and Message of the Bible should not be hidden or altered by words and phrases that have lost or changed their meaning over the years. The Bible was given to man so he might know the True God and His Revealed Truths, for without the Bible, Christ would be unknown to man. God speaks to man through the Bible. Therefore, the written word in its original context is indispensable for belief in Christ and for living His Commandments. The important words of the Holy Bible are:

"written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in his name ", John 20:31.




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§  Introduction to the Epistle of Saint James

§  Epistle of James Chapter One


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Adult Bible Study is to enrich the understanding and faith of each participant through an exploration of biblical texts and deepen our spiritual outlooks. 


What does it mean to be an Orthodox Christian? What do we believe? What are we really expressing when we recite the Creed each Sunday? How are our beliefs different than those of the Protestant and Roman Catholic faiths and other world religions?


Goal of the Group

The group’s goal is to enrich the understanding and faith of each participant through an exploration of the biblical texts and to deepen our spiritual outlooks. The class takes into consideration the historical context for the Bible, its characters and events, and then draws out various Orthodox interpretations with the goal of delving into the deeper theological meanings, especially as they relate to Orthodox Tradition. We will explore how to live our faith as individuals and as “one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.”

How are we doing?

Classes are a mix of presentation and discussion and participants are encouraged to make comments and ask questions. All are welcome to attend and participate or to just listen in.


Do you want to join with us?

For questions and reservation in joining our bible study, please, send your inquiry with your full name and email address and email it to:

Joining with the Bible Study Group is free. The Orthodox Study Bible book is available from our Book Store. It is the FIRST EVER Orthodox Study Bible presents the Bible of the early church (Orthodox Church) and the church of the early Bible.


Saint Nectarios Bible Study

An Open Letter from Christos Theoharatos


The Saint Nectarios Bible Study Group has been meeting on Thursday nights since September of 2013. We have had a small but dedicated group that possessed a sincere desire to study the Word and knowing God through the Bible.

We originally embarked upon an Orthodox approach to studying the Word of God by utilizing skills of observation, interpretation, and more importantly application while under the watchful eyes of the Church Fathers. Within our subsequent studies, which took us through the Old and New Testaments, we were given the opportunity to observe the character of God unfold before our eyes providing us with a greater appreciation and thankful attitude toward God as He was revealed in Scripture.  Our studies continually reminded us as to why the Bible was written, which is according to Father Anthony Coniaris in his book Knowing God, "to reveal God's plan of salvation to us through the coming of Jesus, to help us receive Him as Savior, and to live the life of salvation as members of His Body: the Church."

According to Dr. George Cronk, there are five main reasons why we as Orthodox Christians should study the Bible:

1.     The Bible is a primary source of truth concerning the nature of God, the condition of man and the overall purpose of the universe.

2.    The Bible is an inspired record of divine revelation. It is God's Word to mankind concerning Himself and His kingdom. And it is especially addressed to those who are members of the Church, who are called to listen to it, heed it, take it to heart and respond to it in faith and obedience.

3.    The Orthodox Church teaches that the Bible is a verbal icon of God himself. Through reading, studying, and praying over Holy Scripture it is possible to make contact with, and commune with, God himself.

4.    The liturgical life of the Orthodox Church is grounded in and expressive of Holy Scripture. One's understanding of and participation in the liturgies and services will be deepened and intensified when one possesses a greater understanding of Scripture.

5.    The Bible is a major expression of the holy tradition of the Orthodox Church. The study and knowledge of Scripture assists us in our responsibility of maintaining and transmitting that inherited tradition. It provides us with a firm foundation and a biblical worldview that is expressed by Fr. George Florovsky as the "scriptural mind."

It is with these reasons that our study group, after sincere discussion and prayerful consideration have decided to change our study day from Thursday to Sunday. We feel that this would afford the majority of people within the community who have a sincere desire to engage in a Bible study group the greatest opportunity to attend.  This change has come with the full support and blessing of our parish priest, Father Konstantinos Douvikas.

 We will commence our Bible study after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, January 15th with an in depth look into the Epistle of James, and it is our sincere desire that many of you will be able to join us for our brief Sunday study sessions. We feel that it will be a wonderful opportunity for many of the members to bond and grow together in our faith and draw us into a deeper relationship with Christ. St. Silouan taught, "You must read the Holy Scriptures—grace lives in them and this grace will delight you and you will come to know the Lord."  St. Isaac, the Syrian, wrote, "Without the perusal of Holy Scriptures, the mind can never approach God." We pray that this fellowship will be a positive learning experience and a spiritual blessing to all who attend as we begin our Sunday Bible study in January 2017. "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)"  



In Christ' service,



Christos Theoharatos





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