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Chanting Podium is where the chanters are stationed and usually located to the south. The chanters are often wear black outer cassock with wide angel-wing sleeves called exorason. You’ll find in a modern setting to have a choir in addition to having chanters.

Particularly in the Byzantine tradition, the cantor in charge of doing the music for a service is referred to as the protopsaltis (Gr.Πρωτοψάλτης). Chanters sing the many hymns called for during the Divine Services and the Divine Liturgy. A chanter must be knowledgeable about the ecclesiastical modes as well as the complex structure of the services.


Regular chanter:

·         Christos Siatras




To join with our Chanters Program you must download and fill up the Commitment Form and mark your entry for the Chanter column



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St. Nectarios is a parish of Metropolis of San Francisco of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America


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John Koukouzeles, saint and one of the most famous maistores of Psaltic Art at Constantinople, leading a choir by the cheironomic gesture of Ison (picture of a 15th-century chant manuscript at the Great Lavra Monastery, Mount Athos)




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